LOCK & HOLD TECHNOLOGY [PATENT REGISTERED] INCLUSIVE THE PM 14/18® PROTECTION SYSTEM Intruder and hurricane protection  | Tilt & Turn windows and doors

▪ Energy saving

▪ Noise reducing

▪ One hand operating

window tilted

1 14 - 18 safety bolts

2 2 - 6 locking claws

3 lockable handle

window closed
window open
window top tilted


Fastener with corresponding safety bolt


During closing of the window with a single handle, all safety bolts and claws slide into their fastener simultaneously. The PM 14/18®, fitted with a closed loop system into the window, resists against a crow bar attack with more than 1763 pounds per each safety bolt.

Video showing breach test with screwdriver and crowbar. Test was focused on the multiple locking system PM 14/18, mounted inside the tilt/turn wing, incl. the lockable onehand operating handle.

The PM 14/18® developed by the Schirrmacher Group is a product for existing and new windows and terrace doors with function and quality.

PM 14/18® is a proven high quality premium product certified through the IFT (European Institute for Windows and Doors) according to European standard DIN 18104. The PM 14/18® is equipped with “intelligent safety”. The maximum number of safety bolts and locking claws (LOCK & HOLD TECHNOLOGY) makes the breaching much more difficult.

The PM 14/18® is recognized as essential to premium safety standards. Technical test have proven the protection system with a breach resistance of more than sixteen minutes. Test with additional safety glazing increased the time to forty five minutes. This will of course frustrate the efforts and despair well experienced intruders.

Window (including double wing windows)

Example: Window size, 3ft width × 3ft height
A minimum of 14 safety bolts and fastener, as well as a minimum of 2 locking claws.

Window (including double wing windows)

Terrace door (including double wing doors)

Example: Door size, 3ft width × 6ft height
A minimum of 18 safety bolts and fastener, as well as a minimum of 2 locking claws.

Terrace door (including double wing doors)

PM 14/18® Construction Fitting

The number of high performance safety bolts, claws and fasteners are determined by the window width and window height.

1 Fastener with corresponding safety bolt
2 Corner fitting
3 Corner fitting
4 Extension fitting
5 Handle gear
6 Corner fitting
7 Extension fitting
8 Locking claw